Eco-Packaging Information

In keeping with Iron Chicken Kitchen’s commitment to providing the freshest products under the Colorado Cottage Foods Act with wholesome, locally sourced, organic ingredients where possible, we deliver them in eco-friendly packaging, too.

Herb and Spice Mix Pouches:

These babies are designed for the long haul. Each Iron Chicken Kitchen herb and spice seasoning mix comes in a resealable freshness pouch designed for long-term storage. You don’t have to find another container to store them in when you get them home. Bottom gussets on the pouches allow them to stand up on their own, which guards against spills and saves space on your counter and pantry shelf.

To keep your herbs and spices dry and fresh, the pouches are constructed of sturdy, high-quality kraft paper and fused with a food-grade, BPE-free polyethelyne (PE) inner lining that maximizes the life of your product. A transparent window in front allows you to see the contents and the amount of product remaining so you know when to reorder. The inner PE lining is designed to protect against moisture, leaks, insects, dust, and mildew.

A tamper-evident heat seal keeps your herbs and spices as close to the way nature made them as possible. A tear notch allows easy opening, and the tough, resealable zip closure safeguards the potency of your herb and spice mixes.

Iron Chicken Kitchen’s labelling is smudge-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about water or oil on your hands when you handle them. You’ll never have to interrupt your cooking to dry your hands before picking them up or wonder what’s inside because of a smeared label. You can cook with more confidence.

Note: Although the packaging materials are recyclable, it is difficult to recycle them in most communities because the food-safe liner is fused with the outer kraft paper.