Bavarian Summer Bike Ride

Bavarian Summer Bike Ride

From the archives: originally posted on my A Travel for Taste blog, Sunday, September 23, 2012

As summer eases into fall here in Bavaria, I thought I would just share some photos I took on a bike ride a couple of weeks ago.

These are either rutabagas or turnips:

This crop was beautiful! It looked like dill or fennel but didn’t smell like either. Anybody out there know what it might be?

The ‘Flash on the road:

This sign welcomes autobahn travelers to the “Enjoyment Region” of Upper Franconia – Land of Breweries.

Those are spires of churches in Bamberg:

This sign says to keep your dogs on  a leash because hunters are allowed to shoot “wild dogs“ in the area.

The Main river bridge – pronounced “mine” river.

Kind of smug for occupants of a concrete boat!

Oh, and I checked out a beer garden called the Boat House in the huge local park last weekend – I have to test these things out for visitors!

What a relaxing day of enjoyment that was!

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