Acreage Restaurant and Stem Ciders in Lafayette, CO

Acreage Restaurant and Stem Ciders in Lafayette, CO

Life is charmed. Example: My husband and I moved to Colorado a few years ago not knowing anyone here. A few months later, I randomly chose a hair salon within walking distance of my apartment and did a walk-in one day. The hairdresser, who is my hairdresser to this day, Jill, cut my hair to my satisfaction that day and every time since. The charmed part: Jill had gotten her real estate license a few months before we met, and she helped us immensely in getting into our newly built house last December. Further charmed part: Jill loves and knows the great places to eat and visit around here.

How does this tie to the subject of this blog post? Jill recommended a place called Acreage to me during one hair appointment. My husband and I tried it one day and it was FANTASTIC! So, here it is.

You may have noticed that the building doesn’t say Acreage on this part, but Stem Ciders. Well, Stem is an hard (alcoholic) cider-maker in Denver, and Acreage is their eatery in Lafayette, Colorado. Lafayette is just north of Denver, and it is only about a 20-minute drive from our house.

We visited Acreage on a weekday in the height of the pandemic, so there weren’t many people there, and what few were there were majorly socially distanced. But here is what it looked like inside:

I really love the spaciousness of the place. And you can even see the cider-making part on your way to/from the restrooms:

But by far the most stunning part of the experience is the view of the Rockies from what Acreage calls their “Back Forty”:

It’s enormous, dog-friendly and has dozens of Adirondack chairs and a giant fire pit on the grounds on the edge of an overlook. The overlook falls away to a valley and rises dramatically a few miles away into the mountains:

Pictures can never do this view justice. Here’s a shot from the overlook back up toward the building.

You can see the wraparound deck in the back in the above photo. There are plenty of tables and fire pits on the deck, too:

As you can see, like most places her in the West, there is tons of space!

The cider is on the dry side and very well done. In addition, the food there is elevated and high-level. Though the price reflects that, it’s so worth it. We had the limited-time-only artichoke and sundried tomato Ghost Box Pizza.

They call it Detroit style, which I’ve never heard of, but it’s thick crust and square cut, served in a deep dish pan. Now, if I understand this correctly, Ghost Box is one of those restaurants that uses a so-called ghost kitchen to provide food ordered online for pickup. The restaurant uses another business’ kitchen to produce its food. So, Acreage’s kitchen it Ghost Box’s ghost kitchen. And you can get it served at Acreage as well as pick it up or have it delivered by DoorDash or some such. SUCH a product of the COVID situation. SO interesting that us humans can figure out a way to make things work despite terrible circumstances.

Another example: There is really no table service in the Back Forty, so you use an app to order. You enter your credit card and hit Send. Presently, a runner shows up with your drinks and food. Less staff required, less physical contact, and no stream of customers to the bar. And you don’t have to get up if you don’t want to!

Of course, I recommend this place! One day I’ll visit Stem in Denver and tell you about that, too!

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